discography: John W. Fail

last updated 18 January 2012
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Works under no name

The 15,000 Day Boat Trip
LP (8mm)
January 2010

Works in own name

John W. Fail
The Icewhistle
CD-R (Sharks & Pfennigs)
March 2006

John W. Fail
The Frozen Musics 1999-2005
4xC-10 (Dronedisco)
compilation of 8 projects: Land, Intro to Pterodactyl, Scandalous Falls, Come Cry, Fail/O'Keefe, Handshake Garden, God's Horn, Fail/McDowell
July 2005


Ben Reynolds/John W. Fail 'Uncabineted' Duo
CD-R (Sharks & Pfennigs)
collaboration with Ben Reynolds
January 2007

Spiral Joy Band/John W. Fail
Pores in the Porch and Puddles Beneath
CD (Soopa)
collaboration with Spiral Joy Band December 2006

Ben Reynolds/John W. Fail
CD-R (Sharks & Pfennigs)
collaboration with Ben Reynolds
March 2006

Works under other names

Parish of Unwelcome Insurance
C-30 (Sharks & Pfennigs)
October 2006

Works as band member

with Lied Music

Vernon and Burns meet Lied Music
Lost Lake
LP (Shadazz)
March 2011

Lied Music vs. Boy Band Tax Returns
LP (Ultra Eczema)
March 2006
collaboration w/Boy Band Tax Returns

Lied Music
C-30 (Rampart)
July 2005

with Intro to Pterodactyl

Various Artists/Lori Felker
Bild Quilt
DVD (Ordnung)
July 2005
track: "MickStupBunks" w/film by Lori Felker

Intro to Pterodactyl
CD-R (No Label)
December 2003
edition of 10 sent to labels and given to friends

Various Artists
Go Down Fighting, Come up Smiling
CD (Hard Travelin')
November 2003
track: "Don't Go in the Water"

with Land

Land et Meisha
Une soiree avec Land et Meisha
CD-R (GingKoba)
July 2000
edition of 12

untitled ("Tidewater"/"Need Light")
C-30 (No Label)
June 2000
edition of 30

7" (Pop Bus)
June 2000

with Cnvrsns

Various Artists
The West Coast of the East Coast
CD (Hard Travelin')
November 2004
track: "9"

Guest appearances

Floating Seer
CD-R (Klang)
November 2006
featured on track 3 'sing hud hud sing'

Arco Flute Foundation
The Third Lesson in New Era Time: Running Slow Motion Marathons with Purple Rejoice; Who Killed the Party House?
CD (Cenotaph)
December 2000
featured on track 4

Other credits

Various Artists
In India: audiotourism.2004
CD-R (Sharks & Pfennigs)
recorded, compiled and produced by John W. Fail
May 2006